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The World’s Most Practical
5-Week System To Become A Beast In The Sheets, Unlock Confident Dominance, Supernatural Stamina & Get Women Addicted To You

Become a Master Lover NOW!
James Marshall presents…

What is the
Master Lover Method

Previously only taught in person to a small group of elite students each year, the Master Lover Method is the world’s most in-depth practical course teaching you how to become incredible in bed and turn women into your willing playthings by mastering the full spectrum of sexual possibilities.
Inside the program, I reveal 52 modules with literally hundreds of progressively layered sexual mastery techniques. Starting from basic touch, leadership & positions to advanced techniques and fantasy sequences for peak orgasmic pleasure.
The course contains more than fifty hours of uncensored tutorials, demonstrating every technique on camera in explicit detail with five sexy models :).
Whether you’re just starting out on your sexual journey or already have years of sexual experience; this program will supercharge your current bedroom skills, giving you the power, confidence, and expertise to be the best she’s ever had.
Everything you’ve ever wanted to do in bed is broken down in easy to implement steps: from the technical aspects, to common mistakes, to confidently introducing it all to your partners.


  • From how to use meditation and no-nonsense embodiment practices to awaken powerful sexual energy and last for hours.
  • To how to smoothly escalate, initiate sensually dominant touch, and unleash her wildest sides.
  • Learn practical Tantric Sex techniques to heighten sensation and connection, and blend into your play without any rituals or dogma.
  • Confidently building authority, desire & intimacy by exploring the roles of dominant and submissive through fantasy play and BDSM.
  • Understanding female sexual psychology; opening clear and intimate lines of communication to build trust and connection.
  • Mastering advanced sexual techniques such as; toys, squirting, choking, oral & anal sex, and extreme dominance role plays.

Explore the full spectrum of sexual possibilities

Over the course of five weeks, we’ll cover the full range of tools a man needs to master to confidently give and experience the highest levels of pleasure and connection with his lovers.

Here’s a glimpse inside just a few of the 52 modules I cover inside the Master Lover Method:



Bondage & Restraint

  • The psychology of bondage: why women get wild when you tie them up.
  • 15 ways to safely and quickly tie her wrists, ankles, and full body.
  • Using restraints with dominant voice commands & dirty talk.
  • Negotiating consent: how to turn any woman into a sub in bed.


Stamina Mastery & Sexual Confidence

  • How to permanently fix  erectile dysfunction by hacking your libido and physiology.
  • Complete Tantric System to keep it hard and last for one or more hours without drugs.
  • The #1 male mindset that encourages women to be sexual and open around you.
  • Debunking performance anxiety: why it’s not really about ‘anxiety’ and how to feel like a true king in bed.
  • Daily Physical Training sequence for enhanced libido, body fluidity and breath & arousal control.


Spanking Masterclass

  • Detailed instruction in 8 unique spanking techniques, developed to cause a variety of highly pleasurable physical and emotional states.
  • The pain/pleasure dichotomy: how to push her sensation threshold for epic mind-body orgasms.
  • Using safe words and aftercare methods to improve connection and trust.
  • Integrating spanking into fantasy role plays, using funishment (fun punishment) to discipline your partners into breathless submission.


Oral Sex Masterclass: from perfect pussy eating to expert blowjob training

  • Training your woman for the perfect head: technique + mindset hacks.
  • Cunnilingus Mastery: five tongue techniques to guarantee orgasm.
  • How to use dominance and dirty talking to make her beg to suck it.
  • Communication strategies to unveil the individual physical triggers of each woman.
  • Deepthroat training (& how to make her love it).
  • Pussy eating mastery flow: how to seamlessly integrate oral sex and fingering to give her multiple, mind-body orgasms.


Sex Position Sequences & Stroke Control

  • 15+ positions to rock her world, with variations for all sizes and Precision Pleasure Angles.
  • How to fuck in different locations:from bed to, standing, on couches, against the balcony - knowing how to use the best positions for the environment.
  • When to introduce penetration and how to “Dock” - Using the first 3 strokes to map her pussy and prime her for orgasm.
  • How to use Stroke Control to play your woman’s body like a symphony; deciding which range of stimulation to take her through to deep full body orgasms.


Fingering & Squirting Masterclass

  • Warm up fingering techniques, to get women wet and begging to be penetrated.
  • Communication methods for finding the perfect spot and pressure to master any woman’s pussy in minutes.
  • How to make any woman squirt: LIVE demonstration with hypnotic induction and sensual preparation.
  • The #1 mental obstacle that prevents her from squirting (especially if it’s her first time).
  • Clitoral Vs G-Spot fingering orgasms.


Anal Sex Masterclass

  • The correct steps to introduce any women to anal, 80% will happily agree when done like this.
  • Step-by-step guide to anal sex, to guarantee painless entry even with a virgin.
  • Combining anal and pussy stimulation for orgasmic overwhelm.
  • How to minimize any mess or embarrassment and positively imprint her to always want it.


Tantric Sex Sequences

  • Master simple tantric breathing and positions to last for hours & boost your libido.
  • Learn how to introduce Tantric Sex and coach new partners who never heard of it.
  • Create deeper intimacy, connection, and electric sensations to subtly contrast the dominance.
  • Map her body deeply and unlock emotional release and devotion (caution: this can make women fall in love).


Dominance Styles & Technique

  • The difference between “sensual” and “authoritarian dominance and how to blend them for maximum emotional impact.
  • Nourishing your dominant leadership - taking command & eliciting her submission.
  • Dirty talk frameworks: train women to submit, while turning them on with simple dirty talk sequences.
  • Roleplay Masterclass: turning her darkest fantasies into reality, erotically imprinting her to you.

Plus lifetime access to another 43 in-depth modules…

Building a 50+ HOUR, easily searchable library of exclusive, explicit coaching content that will keep you progressing towards sexual mastery for years, including:
  • Foreplay Fundamentals.
  • How to Boost Your Libido Without Pills.
  • From Date to Sex Escalation Guide.
  • Sex Toys Masterclass.
  • BDSM Crash Course.
  • Safe Choking & Hair Pulling.
  • Kissing: From Romantic To Passionate.
  • Last Minute Resistance solutions.
  • Manhandling & Safely throwing Women around.
And dozens more topics all explicitly demonstrated and explained.

Here is what current alumni say

Women crave expert lovers this is NOT optional

The depressing truth is that most men on average only last about five to seven minutes in bed. Even if they can hold on for a little longer, they still lack a proper understanding of female arousal and the skills to help her open up and express her most sexually creative self.
As a result, most women you date will remain shut down, not having enough trust in your leadership, or feeling aroused enough to really go wild.
However, with the right Master Lover, even the most innocent-looking, prudish girl will turn into an adventurous nympho. She just needs to be activated by the right man with the right set of skills.
There are latent desires and burning fantasies dwelling in the minds of so many women, and so few men know how to make them a reality.
Just think about the insane commercial success of movies like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ or ‘365 Days’... in spite of how objectively bad the movies are.
The desire to do wild, forbidden acts in bed is strong and widespread.
So many women want to be the ultimate porn star in the bedroom girlfriend...
…For a guy who knows how to turn her on properly and lead her into temptation ;)
Sadly, the vast majority of men either don’t know or don’t care enough to be able to ignite this massive well of female sexual potential.
I used to be one of them…

From Impotent virgin, to world renowned seducer, pornstar, and international sex teacher to the Elites – my crazy life story

My name is James Marshall
If you’ve been following me for a while you know me as the pioneer of natural style seduction and founder of the elite coaching company The Natural Lifestyles.
But well before I was getting hired by hedge fund moguls, tech CEOs, and European high society to teach my bedroom secrets, my sexual journey started with pitiful failure…
Back in Highschool, when I finally got in bed with my first girlfriend… I was floppy as old celery and remained that way.
First-time nerves? We tried again. And again. And again.
Until she got sick of the awkward fumbling and disappointing attempts and dumped me.
And this continued to happen to me with my next partners.
As humiliating as this was, and as tempting as it was to just retreat from sex altogether, I was driven to fix this.
This sparked a lifelong journey to not only solve my issues but to become a truly world-class lover.
After school, I traveled to temples across China and India, coming across ancient schools of Tantric and Taoist practices.
I had soon, not only completely solved my performance issues, I now had tools to start becoming a confidently creative lover.
What happened after that could fill an erotic novel…
From developing as a seducer and later dating coach, diving deep into the BDSM scene and learning from every expert I could find, finding myself on regular wild debaucherous escapades often pleasuring 3- 5 women a week, to eventually starring in high-budget porn and later developing the world’s most high end “hands-on” sex workshops.
From limp dicked virgin to world-class stud, I’ve been through every step and struggle men experience along the way and have figured out how to cut years or decades off your learning curve to master the bedroom arts.
I get it. Sex is complex and can be intimidating to learn about.
It’s difficult to get better without the right knowledge and confusing to know where to start, especially when you consider  that…

The way men learn about sex is deeply flawed

How do we get educated about sex?
For the most ‘privileged’ among us it’s probably via some sterile, theoretical high school classes more concerned about STDS and fear-mongering you into using protection than showing you how to enjoy sex.
That, and if we exclude locker room talk with our equally clueless friends, leads us to seek advice from the most available source…
It’s probably no surprise to you that this is not the most optimal way to learn skills that actually transfer in the bedroom.
The unrealistic performances you see in porn coupled with the hard-stroking style of masturbation most men use with it are among the main causes of humiliating problems like struggling to stay hard with a new girl or finishing too soon.
There is a LOT more nuance to sexual mastery than just pounding her hard and fast (which women do enjoy at the right time but will get bored of if that’s all you offer…).
To confidently take any woman to orgasm and to become a uniquely skilled lover, you need a broader set of skills AND mindsets, something that only a small percentage of men possess.
Whether because of a lack of will or the right understanding, shyness or shame, arrogance, or rigid mindsets, most guys simply don’t have a lot of sexual advantages for high-value women to bother sticking around for.
These generic lovers usually fall into one of the following categories…

The clueless lover

This is the least favorable position you can be in.
Because it shows immediately to women you don’t know at all what you’re doing in bed.
This type of lover often doesn’t even attempt foreplay, nor does he know enough about her anatomy to turn her on and get her ready for fucking.
And if he manages to get it up, he can’t truly control himself so he finishes within a few minutes, prompting her to regret the whole thing and likely ghost him as soon as she walks out the door.
Making it virtually impossible for him to keep women in his life…
Luckily, this is only a small percentage of the male population, but those who are in this category should quickly get their shit together and scramble to at least become…

The three positions ‘vanilla’ guy

It’s a familiar story, most of us started here…
Maybe the occasional one-night stand or fling with mostly disappointing performances.
Going through years in committed relationships, repeating a handful of classic positions over and over with your girlfriend. Learning a few things that satisfy her and always resorting to those same moves.
Mistaking the strong connection and regular intercourse as proof that she’s truly satisfied and that you’re a pro in bed.
But when the relationship fizzles and you’re single again, you realize that knowing how to please one partner didn’t teach you how to adapt to the diverse desires of other women…
And so unless they’re really into you, most new girls won’t have any reason to stick around as friends with benefits or casual lovers, meaning you have to constantly struggle to get laid.
These men are a plan B for most women, if all else fails.
It’s a powerless state, prompting single guys to settle down with the few available options, perpetrating the cycle again, or pushing the most determined ones to the next level, becoming…

The guy who knows some cool sex tricks

This is already a cut above most males out there.
Because to get to this point, you must care enough to get off your ass and put in some work…
Surfing the internet and forums for quick tutorials on how to eat pussy and stimulate her G spot, reading female pleasure books to learn how to make her come first.
Perhaps even visiting a few sex shops, purchasing a vibrator and some fake handcuffs.
That will inevitably lead to some degree of sexual improvement…
Most girls will appreciate the novelty and be curious to see you again for more, becoming regulars in your bed. A guy like this can get and generally satisfy a cute girlfriend for sure.
But unless you’re able to tie your techniques into a deeper, captivating erotic experience and step into your actualized masculine self…it will always feel mechanical and you’ll never truly be in control of her mind and pleasure.
Following rigid steps or always defaulting to your reliable “moves”, without embodying real & creative masculinity, leads to sterile “sport fucking”.
And the problem is that the key “mind-blowing sex” is NOT merely repeating a sequence of fancy moves (although I do teach you my most spectacular moves in the course;)...
It’s much deeper and more creative than that.
It’s only with the humility to accept that you’re not the best in bed you could be yet.
And by pursuing the right wisdom and practical knowledge, you can evolve to the highest level of sexual mastery.
This is the path to becoming…

The Ultimate Master Lover

These men are rare and every woman wants to be with one.
The true master lover has the elite skillset to safely guide any girl through the wild, forbidden fantasies she’s been dreaming about her whole life.
He unlocks her body's secrets and gives her unearthly pleasure. In return, she wants to be his and to always please him.
But he doesn’t do this just by amassing dozens of random techniques…
His deep understanding of sexual principles and female psychology help him to effortlessly and creatively come up with new thrilling sexual scenarios.
Taking his women through intense erotic nights to make them orgasm not only via physical penetration but also by stimulating their emotional and fantasy worlds.
As a result, such a rare lover enjoys the highest level possible of satisfaction and choice in bed, being able to:
  • Take any woman to orgasm and beyond in numerous ways during the same session.
  • Effortlessly convince her to try the naughtiest acts & fantasies she never did even with her ex-boyfriends.
  • Have total control over his and her pleasure, lasting for as long as he wants and she needs.
The sexual confidence he has attained permeates his entire character, charging his dating & social lives with immense power.
Because he’s so unique, he inspires strong commitment from his partners who would do anything to keep him in their life…
Including entering open relationships and picking up other beauties for threesomes.
He is “the man” hot girls call for primal, exhilarating sex after leaving their one-dimensional boyfriends.
But it’s not just about skill. What makes this type of elite lover so powerful is also his deep understanding that…
Different women need different sexual approaches
How do you know what a new girl specifically likes in bed?
There are ways to ask her certainly, which I’ll cover in the program, but she may not always be able to explain. Because we’re dealing with subconscious, primal desires that most women don’t feel comfortable admitting for fear of being judged...
Many like to be dominated and will only climax if you introduce moderate, safe doses of pain during sex, while others enjoy more delicate stimulation and will go wild once you lead them through sensual touch and gradual surrender.
Overall, almost any girl will love a combination of sensual and rough depending on her mood and the unique sexual flow of the moment.
That’s why if you want to be uniquely amazing in bed with ALL women, from the first night onwards…
You must have a diverse and flexible sexual toolbox capable of accommodating all types of desires and variations.
Until today, however, it has been incredibly challenging to access the right information and find practical advice on how to become a holistic beast in the sheets…
For the average guy, sifting through the spiritual mumbo jumbo or bizarre cult-like groups out there to find practical, easy-to-implement methods and mindsets is slow and frustrating.
Of course, you could try to figure this out by yourself, moving from partner to partner until you gradually develop some sexual competence. But if you lack a deep understanding of female sexual psychology & anatomy, and the adaptable techniques to give her endless pleasure, you’ll be at best one of the many ‘ok’ fucks she had, and at worst a lousy lay she’ll forget ever happened.
If you want to fast-track this and take your results beyond what you’d ever learn by trial and error, you need the right guidance from experienced mentors who have committed their lives to bedroom excellence (someone had to do it).

Building the world’s first COMPREHENSIVE Sexual Mastery Training

In 2017

Istarted developing the next evolution of men’s lifestyle training, building on a decade of experience in seduction, internal change, and lifestyle design.
Successfully integrating the most powerful aspects of MULTIPLE SEXUAL DISCIPLINES  into one comprehensive training, while removing the vague mysticism, niche fetish style, and cult-like b.s.
We premiered the training at an invite-only workshop in Barcelona with five elite students
Who happily paid $18.000 for 7 days of full immersion coaching.
For the first time in history, we succeeded in helping very diverse men master the most advanced sexual concepts by giving them the opportunity to practice in real life with a team of open-minded female instructors.
Showing them clear pathways for fast technical progress and how to seamlessly integrate masterful vanilla sex with BDSM and Tantra to confidently satisfy all kinds of sexual appetites.
Everyone was blown away by the lightspeed pace of progress, and we knew it was just the beginning…
Joined by Australia’s most famous BDSM master Sir Dominic and my close friend and Tantra expert Shae Matthews we sat down, combining our 60+ years of study and practice, to synthesize the ultimate training pathways to reach sexual mastery FAST.
Fast-forward to


Dozens of men have graduated from our Master Lover workshops with life-changing results.
After witnessing how profoundly this training transformed everyday guys into confident sexual beasts in just a week, I knew I needed to make this available to the world.
I knew, not everyone has the luxury of time or money to travel to work with me in person, so I set out to develop the Master Lover system into a teaching platform anyone can study from home.
And today, after nearly a year of development and testing, I’m finally able to invite you to join the world’s sexual elite...


Introducing the Master Lover Method

The Master Lover Method is a 5-week intensive, ‘hands-on’ online program that teaches you how to become amazing in bed by practicing the full spectrum of key sexual abilities.
Inside, you’re given the entire system of our revolutionary 18,000 usd sexuality workshops…(at a fraction of the price)
Plus dozens of new lectures & technical blueprints, broken down in step-by-step detail.

This is a MASSIVE course packed with over 50 HOURS of over-the-shoulder tutorials & classes where I:

  • Reveal to you over six decades of combined experience on how to consistently satisfy any woman by understanding her unique anatomy & emotional pleasure triggers.
  • Mentor you to become quickly competent in multiple sexual disciplines without having to study them individually for years, including practical Tantra, BDSM & Pornstay level f*cking.
  • Help you to overcome common performance issues men face in bed, leveraging ancient meditation and modern physical practices to unlock nearly unlimited sexual energy & stamina.
  • Actually demonstrate EVERY concept explicitly with sexy female assistants on camera  – so that you can see the magic of the Master Lover Method in action and replicate it for breathtaking results with your partners.
This training is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a journey of exploration into exciting new realms of sexual possibility
Nothing else on the planet comes even close to it, for several reasons…

A revolutionary curriculum, covering EVERY aspect of bedroom mastery

There are courses on sexual development available, such as Tantra retreats or joining the Bondage scene. However, these often involve rigid commitments to one approach or community, offering limited practical applications buried between lots of unnecessary ritual and dogma.
You don’t need to become a yogi or some leather-clad dungeon kinkster to benefit from these traditions, and you’ll learn to seamlessly introduce these skills to normal girls who want to experiment (which believe it or pretty much all of them).
Neither do you need to have slept with dozens of women and be already a veteran in bed…
Week by week, we will build from the basics of taking a woman home, getting her extremely horny, undressing her, escalating with foreplay, and properly initiating hot sex without resistance…
To advanced strategies for f*cking her like a pro and more extreme acts like psychological roleplay & masterfully applied anal sex, bondage, toys, and squirting orgasms and so much more.
Here’s how the program actually works…

When you join the course, each week you’ll get access to progressive, ‘hands-on’ lectures on the following areas of Sex Mastery:

Foundations Of Elite Sex Modules

We start by reviewing the basics of what makes every man great in bed.
Whether you’re just starting out your sexual journey or are already a seasoned lover with many years of experience, everyone is guaranteed to benefit from this by mastering & refining the foundational skills that are proven to make women climax and make them want to eagerly please you.
We cover it all, leaving nothing out…From various styles of kissing & foreplay to build up sexual tension, to undressing her like a pro within seconds, fingering, G-spot orgasm techniques, cunnilingus, and the best sequences and variations on positions you may think you already know;)
And I demonstrate them all!
Explicitly, on camera, with the help of a team of foxy female assistants breaking down even the most spectacular and intimidating concepts into progressive steps you can easily learn, regardless of your current sexual experience.
By the end, you can expect to:
  • Gain an expert understanding of the female body & sexual psychology, being able to stimulate the key erogenous zones and emotional pleasure triggers so that you can literally make her cum on command.
  • Make her soaking wet and begging to get fucked by using advanced fingering, clitorial, G-spot, breast-play, and pussy eating techniques that will get her cumming before you even penetrate her.
  • Effortlessly execute dozens of positions and link them together in near-infinite variations, and use proven stroke techniques to expertly map and master her pussy.
  • Know how to use different types of erotic touch to turn her on, help her relax to be more present, improve romantic connection, and elicit her wildest side.
  • Ethically modify her sexual behavior, helping her to feel more sexy, open-minded, and eager to experiment with dream situations like porno-style sex, getting filmed, dress-up roleplays, anal and threesomes.
Mastering the basics first, and revisiting them often, is CRUCIAL to making all of this instinctual and becoming the guy who can creatively take his woman to orgasm in endless, unpredictable ways that will keep her coming back for more.
But it’s only one part of the skillset of truly elite lovers. You’ll also get access to…

BDSM Fantasy Creation Modules

Inside this massive library of progressive modules, you’ll learn to confidently and safely push her limits by applying basic through to advanced BDSM techniques.

You’ll also learn how to embody the role of a consciously dominant man, able to confidently express his natural wildness and sexual leadership.
Finally fulfilling her darkest fantasies of losing control and being dominated by a skilled lover…
Allowing her to express her full range of untamed desire and slutt*ness.
In these modules, you get step-by-step demonstrations on how to claim your inner dominance to drive women crazy by:
  • Mastering the art of co-creating and taking women through wild roleplay scenarios, from start to finish, leading them through erotic narratives & deliciously deviant acts.
  • Physically dominating her and using pain and pleasure creatively to turn her orgasms into powerful cathartic releases, that anchor her desire to your touch.
  • Learning the correct, safe techniques to tie her up, spank, restrain, choke, and take complete physical control of her to heighten the sensual experience. These more edgy techniques require exact technique -  here you’ll learn perfect form.
  • Integrating dirty talk, voice commands, and sensual dominance into your play.
  • Providing the right aftercare so that she smoothly transitions back to a normal state, feeling protected, soothed, and very well f*cked;).

Advanced Positions & Psychological
Influence Techniques

Master an arsenal of advanced sexual techniques and influence frameworks that will leave her breathless and immersed in perpetual orgasmic states.
From how to expertly make every woman squirt (even if it never worked before) to safely introducing anal and making her beg for it, to spanking, choking, and using multiple sex toys for explosive results.
By the end of it, you’ll become the trusted leader she’ll always follow in bed without hesitation.
Get ready to learn top 1% bedroom mastery skills such as:
  • How to apply sensual dominance & reward-based roleplay to turn any woman into a submissive, c*ck craving nympho.
  • Effortlessly negotiate consent and make her enthusiastically say ‘yes!’ to anything you want to try in bed.
  • 10+ advanced positions  to hit multiple pleasure spots at once and get her addicted to your dick.
  • And how to link them in endless erotic sequences to always be exciting and surprise her in bed.
  • How to alternate rough sex with immersion-focused love-making to take her on an emotional rollercoaster ride and give her the most powerful mind-body orgasms she’s ever had.

Tantric Self-Cultivation & Stamina Modules

Back in my twenties, I would have killed for this information… It took me over a decade of embarrassing failures, traveling the planet searching out masters from India to Israel, and spending hefty sums to access precious knowledge directly from a few trusted sources.

It’s quite common for many men to experience varying degrees of erectile dysfunction and climaxing too quickly, especially with new lovers.
Poor awareness of self-desire and negative conditioning from porn also cripple performance…
Making it nearly impossible to bond with her deeply in the present moment.
The Tantric Stamina training is a progressive system to reconnect with your sensuality, gain reliable erections and keep going for as long as you want.
But more than that, it’s a practical blueprint, that helps you to be a more embodied, fluid, creative lover - connecting your raw internal masculine power with conscious embodiment technology.
A complete, ‘course within the course’ serving as a practical initiation into Tantra…
  • Giving you all the tools to lead a woman through a process of full intimate union combining presence, breathing, and sexual yoga techniques.
  • Teaching you how to turn masturbation into a powerful self-cultivation practice to unlock limitless sexual energy and train yourself to be great in bed.
  • Revealing the path to becoming multi-orgasmic, and how to coach your partners into full body releases.
  • Showing you how to use ancient grounding techniques to last for hours without pills.
This way you can grasp all the life-altering wisdom from this beautiful ancient art…
Without having to spend long days with sleazy gurus at cringy hippy retreats as I did. So, to recap…
You get five weeks of intense, highly practical training, including 52 major modules (with over FIFTY hours of content) containing hundreds of techniques and layered sequences in all key areas of sexual mastery.
Everything is demonstrated for you in explicit detail, breaking down every technique to its components and showing its effects on different girls with diverse body types and desires, so you can effortlessly replicate it with any of your lovers for spectacular results.
By the end of the course, you’ll be masterful at traditional sex, as well as be able to take women through their wildest erotic dreams from the subtlety of Tantra through to the intensity of BDSM with relaxed confidence.
You’ll also be able to check in daily and get your questions answered in the…
Private Master Lover Telegram group
This is a CONFIDENTIAL group where you can openly discuss anything related to bedroom mastery & female sexuality with your MLM brothers and ask me any questions you want.
Share your first epic wins in bed, and don’t be afraid to ask for help to overcome sticking points or get clarification on anything in the course.
I access the group on a daily basis, so think of it as an additional opportunity to get personalized coaching from me and troubleshoot any issues with the techniques and concepts I share in the course.
  • Access daily support, ACCOUNTABILITY, and feedback from an open-minded, supportive global tribe driven by the mutual growth and success of its members.
  • Smash through your limiting beliefs and unlock endless motivation as you get inspired by others to pursue your wildest seductive dreams.
And I’ll be there too, leading you every step of the way to make sure you can and will…

Take your game to the NEXT LEVEL, and experience autopilot dating success

Knowing that you can effortlessly take any woman to the orgasmic peak for entire nights…

And lead her through her wildest fantasies like no one else before…
Will forever change the way you interact with women and how they’ll react to you.
This level of mastery builds core endgame confidence, making your escalation on dates seamless, sensual, and effortless.
The Master Lover’s touch has a unique quality, his energy engulfs and dominates his partners, inviting them to unleash their wildest desires and surrender, eager to experience the rare pleasures only you can offer.
That’s how powerful this system really is.

That’s how much it pays to be legendary in bed.

Join the Master Lover Method NOW!

So far I’ve outlined the structure and content of the core modules but there’s a lot more to the course than that.

Alone, the Master Lover Method course contains more than enough techniques, erotic sequences, psychological understanding, and dominance mindsets for a lifetime of incredible sex.
This is already by far the most comprehensive, in-depth resource ever created on sexual mastery.
The 50+ hours of progressive content, including specialized sections on BDSM, Tantra, Advanced sexuality, and live mentors speeches…
And over 150 real-time demonstrations, expertly filmed with five women in uncensored videos…
Will forever transform the way you carry yourself in the bedroom
But I wanted to go even further, giving you access to ALL the tools that made me into the elite, confident lover I am today…
Introducing you to my own extraordinary sex mentors, diving into more niche and extreme techniques that will shape you into the most powerful and competent sexual being she’ll ever come across.
To celebrate the premiere of the Master Lover Method I’m also including:

Six of the MOST EPIC bonuses ever released in TNL’s history, including OVER 40 HOURS of extra content not available anywhere else…

BONUS Module 1

FIVE Live Masterclasses With World-Class Sex Teachers

I’ve invited four of my own world-class mentors to collaborate with me on a series of live Masterclasses.

High-skilled individuals who dedicated their professional lives to sexual mastery and routinely charge four to five figures for professional advice.
They’ll be joining us on a Zoom call to instruct you on elite-level skills and answer all your questions.

The faculty includes

Dr. Saida Desilet
Ph.D. psychologist and sexology pioneer with decades of experience in helping men and women activate their erotic energy and integrate scientific arousal and pleasure methods, as well as being a featured Ted X speaker and published author.
Shae Matthews
One of the founders of the Master Lover Method and practical Tantra expert, Shae brings decades of wisdom from a huge field of personal & sexual development, helping to synthesize the many schools into functional frameworks.
Sol Sebastian.
A leading authority in men’s sexual empowerment techniques who brings you a 20-year of experience in coaching guys on how to overcome shame and dysfunction and unlock your fully untamed masculine power.

Live Demonstration Class

  • You also get one LIVE zoom class with James and one of his foxy assistants. This is your chance to ask technical questions and get instant practical demonstrations on any of the methods taught in the course to make sure you can immediately implement them with your lovers.
At the end of these 90-minute masterclasses, you’ll get lifetime access to the HD recordings, to add to your MLM reference library.
BONUS Module 2

Six Honest Interviews With Sexy Women On; What and Who turns them on, Hidden Desires, Taboos & Kinks

Truly great lovers know how to effectively and rapidly uncover a woman’s secret desires and sexual cravings and turn them into reality to give her exquisite pleasure.

Yet, they also know there’s huge variation between what different women want.
Every girl is a different sexual being, and it’s vital that you keep an open, non-judgmental attitude to understand every partner’s unique psycho-sexual make up.
To help you with this, I’ve filmed six long interviews (9+ hours) with different types of women, intimately discussing their craziest kinks in the bedroom, honest desires, preferences, fears, and what most guys get wrong.
I strongly recommend you leave your ego at the door before watching…

The level of raw, profound insight these ladies will share is going to potentially shake your worldview and make you rethink what you thought you knew about women.

But if you keep an open mind and take notes, your understanding of female psychology & sexuality will be forever transformed.
BONUS Module 3

Sex Toys Masterclass

I created this course to be your one-stop resource to learn how to smoothly integrate sex toys into your bedroom toolkit.

Knowing how to confidently wield the best types of toys is one of the easiest ways to satisfy a woman, once you know which ones to get and the best ways to use them.
Sex toys are not admissions of inadequacy or a threat to your woman’s attraction to you. They’re also not just for kinksters or freaky couples.
When used correctly, they are truly powerful additions to make women go crazy, compounding the pleasure she’s getting from your body.
The vast majority of ladies already own multiple sex toys, so why wouldn’t you?

Inside this practical mini-course, I reveal to you and demonstrate:

  • The four types of sex toys any guy should own – there’s a LOT more to play with beyond basic vibrators and once you see my top picks you’ll understand why ;).
  • How to pick the right tool for the job, and use it to take her to the edge by stimulating multiple spots at the same time with easy-to-learn technique progressions.
  • Communication strategies to help you quickly master your lovers body and know which toy and technique to use to peak out her climaxes.
With so many options out there and no clear instruction, there’s a lot of confusion around this topic. But by the end of this class, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge and skills to seamlessly get women off in shockingly effective ways.
BONUS Module 4

10 LIVE Masculine Potency Classes With James Marshall

Jump in for a series of daily Zoom practical classes where I take you through, Taoist and Tantric moving meditations and ancient internal power & sexual stamina techniques to instantly boost your libido, flow, and awaken masculine energy

These 30-min classes condense decades of research and practice of different internal martial arts blended with Tantric potency techniques. As you follow along, you’ll notice improved flexibility, increased libido, flow states, and stronger masculine focus.
Over time, these practices lead to sexual stamina increase, smooth & dextrous stroke control, and sets the foundation for mastery of partner Tantra.
All the classes are recorded and uploaded inside the course platform so you can rerun through the movement and meditation sequences anytime.
BONUS Module 5

Dr. Saida’s Boudoir Mini Course

Inside this bonus module, Dr.Saida, my most popular guest coach, has created this exclusive ‘mini-course’ for the launch.

She’s put together a super practical program for you combining modern science, cutting-edge sexuality breakthroughs principles, and ancient practices, including:

  • Guided Self Cultivation Audio
In this guided audio, Saida leads you through a journey of reclaiming your masculine power and re-eroticizing and ‘retraining’ your body for peak sex via guided full body meditations.
  • Pussy Mapping Masterclass
An action-packed lecture where Dr. Saida shows you how to expertly “Map” your partners’ pussy. You’ll learn how to easily identify her key orgasmic spots and work together to find the best combination of location, pressure, and correct technique to drive any woman wild and open her up to new forms of pleasure and orgasm.
  • James Marshall & Dr Saida Desilets Webinar series
Get access to three in-depth webinar classes hosted by James and Saida. With over 5 hours of unreleased material, the coaches answer dozens of questions from their private clients on all areas of sexual philosophy and a dizzying array of practical techniques.
BONUS Module 6

Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns

In this module I’ve included four professionally filmed complete sex scenes where you can see me putting into practice everything from the course.

From kissing, to undressing, initiating foreplay, making her give me head, eating pussy, …to going through multiple positions, toys, roleplay scenarios, BDSM techniques, and explosive orgasms.

My brave cameraman captured all the action on film and then I added real-time commentary, explaining each move and thought process going into creating such a high-intensity pleasure experience for the girl.

These explicit analyses are a very effective way to review all the main course concepts and see how they actually function in action.
BONUS Module 7

Silk Loop Tie Kit + Instructional Course

It’s no mystery that many women fantasize about being tied up

Whether it’s furry handcuffs, scarves, ropes, or full-blown multi-limb restraints, there are lots of popular options to get playful with bondage.
But the results rarely match the expectations…
As those who have attempted this know, it’s easy to kill the flow when you have to navigate complex sailor knots and undo them every time you change position…or rip open many rough velcro straps on unwieldy under bed systems, all while having sex…

Four years ago, and after decades of researching all the familiar methods, I created my dream bondage tool:
the Silk Loop Tie

One of its main advantages is how much easier is to use it compared to everything else…
You can tie a girl up, free her, and bind her again in new ways - all within seconds.
And in contrast to most dungeon-inspired tools out there, it looks classy and sexy, not harsh and scary like collars, ropes, or cuffs. Women who are normally hesitant will be seduced by the subtle feel of silk binding them into gorgeous packages.

As an exclusive reward for the first 150 guys who join the course, I decided to go all out and  give you:

  • Your own, high-quality Silk Loop Tie - handcrafted by my team in Portugal and shipped & delivered to an address of your choice in a discreet package.
  • A detailed video masterclass + demonstrations on dozens of ways to use the Silk Loop Tie to wrap your girl into hot poses, restrain her wrists, neck, and full body, and how to use the tie to amplify control and dominance.
  • Learn how to apply every technique in less than 5 seconds, to seamlessly introduce and bind your partner any time in play you wish.

As we all know, fortune favors the bold…

You can’t expect her to always make a move first–you gotta lead the way!

And lead her through her wildest fantasies like no one else before…
Women love guys who show initiative and can take them on exciting adventures, shamelessly expressing their burning desire.
It’s about turning your wishes into reality, by being bold and taking action

That’s why to reward all the ACTION TAKERS out there who are not afraid to put in the work and start seeing results from today, I decided to add THREE value-packed additional bonuses for those who join the Master Lover Method within the first 72 hours of the launch.

Join the Master Lover Method NOW!
Action Taker BONUS 1

Erotic Photoshoots & Social Media Leverage LIVE Webinar w Alex Leòn

Having the elite Master Lover skillset to inspire women in your life to be open-minded and follow you on wild adventures is a power that extends far beyond the bedroom.
My fellow TNL executive coach Alex Leòn is a specialist with over five years of experience in effortlessly convincing overwhelmingly hot girls to pose naked for his photoshoots.
And being in a room full of nude models on dozens of occasions has taught him a thing or two about female sexual psychology and fantasies, AND how to turn them into reality.
Nearly all women, especially the hottest ones, crave the idea of posing in teasing, artistic, and creatively erotic ways––it makes them feel sexy, confident, and in touch with their feminine energy.
And once they know you’re non-judgmental and can expertly help them express their full slutty selves, they will do anything they can to keep you in their lives, including introducing you to their equally as hot girlfriends and proactively helping you to get them into bed.
In this 2-hour LIVE webinar, Alex will share with you his proven process to…
  • Organise naked photoshoots like a pro: from effortlessly persuading any hottie to be your naked muse, to shooting multiple women and picking the right location & setup to help her unleash her wild side.
  • Five posing tips to make any woman feel comfortable, sexy, and turned on in your shots.
Then he also dives deep into how to use your models photos on social media, with their consent, to unlock epic seductive results such as…
  • Sparking healthy jealousy with women who follow you, who will feel the competition and start chasing you as a rare sexual prize.
  • Getting more hot models to notice you and reach out wanting to be included in your next photoshoots, creating an automated pussy funnel with your phone.
Action Taker BONUS 1

Behind the scenes of the Sex God Live Masterclass

Until today, the only way you could access the elite sex mastery concepts taught in the Master Lover Method was to join our invite-only, high-end live sex school: the Sex God Masterclass.

Only a small group of private clients got the opportunity to join this week-long intensive live program in the past four years, and what they saw and experienced there forever transformed them into masters of pleasure who could take any woman further than she’s ever been in bed.
The techniques taught in the Sex God Masterclass have always stayed secret and for my clients’ eyes only…
…Because they’re so powerful and their effects on women so strong and lasting that I could never publicly show them––especially on our YouTube channel for risk of being censored, or even banned.
But to reward the fast movers who join the Master Lover Method course in the first days of its launch I’ve decided to include a 5 episode documentary series showing you what REALLY happens in our live program.
This is the first and last insider look I’ll ever release to the public of the extremely effective coaching methods we teach live.
Action Taker BONUS 3

From Date To Sex | Escalation Sequences

This series of demonstrations teach you everything you need to know to bridge the gap from meeting her on a date to smoothly taking her home the same night, so that you get to use the Master Lover skills you’ve been learning.
It’s the exact process my best students consistently use to go from ‘nice to see you again’ to ‘please f*ck me’ in less than one hour…
And once again, I’ll demonstrate it all on camera for you with a foxy model…
Breaking down, not only what the smoothest moves and best methods to escalate and get her into the bedroom look like…
But also what the most common pre-sex mistakes that instantly turn women off are, so that you can immediately stop doing them and easily close the deal every time..
These Action Taker Bonuses will be available for the first 72 hours of the launch, and after that, they’ll go back in the vault.

So, how much does it all cost?

When you join the Master Lover Method, you get lifetime access to 52 core modules and explicit demonstrations, plus six elite bonuses (adding an extra 40 hours of content) broken down into:

Week 1

The Capable Lover
10 modules  (VALUE: 1800$)

Week 2

The Creative Lover:
10 modules  (VALUE: 1800$)

Week 3

The Kinky Lover:
11 modules  (VALUE: 1800&)

Week 4

The Nasty Lover:
10 modules  (VALUE: 1800$)

Week 5

The Master Lover:
11 modules  (VALUE: 1800$)

Private Telegram Group: Priceless

Bonus 1:

Five LIVE Masterclasses with
Sex Teachers  (VALUE: 2500$)

Bonus 2

Six Honest Interviews With Open-Minded Women
(VALUE: 600$)

Bonus 3

Sex Toys
Masterclass (VALUE: 775$)

Bonus 4

Dr.Saida’s Boudoir
(VALUE: 197$)

Bonus 5

LIVE Masculine Potency Classes with James  (VALUE: 800$)

Bonus 6

Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns  (VALUE: 1000$)

Bonus 7

Silk Tie Loop Kit + Instructional Course (VALUE: 697€)

Action Taker Bonus 1

Erotic Photoshoot Class with Alex Leòn (VALUE: 500€)

Action Taker Bonus 2

Behind the scenes of the Sex God Masterclass (VALUE: 197€)

Action Taker Bonus 3

From Date to Sex - Escalation Guides  (VALUE: 397€)

TOTAL value of the Master Lover Method: $ 17.063

Here’s the deal:

For immediate, lifetime access to everything in this MASSIVE 100+ hour program, Including…
  • Five weeks of mentoring lectures & progressive demonstrations - 52 large modules of beginner to advanced sexual mastery techniques–totaling over FIFTY hours of content…
  • The private Telegram accountability group.
  • Weekly LIVE masterclasses with my own elite sex mentors…
  • And other six massive bonuses (for an extra 40 HOURS of coaching material) comprising specialty trainings, in-depth interviews, home delivered Silk Loop Tie, and entire mini-courses.
You’re NOT paying $18.000, a standard fee for our advanced sexuality workshops.
In fact, you’re NOT even paying a tenth of that…
You’ll get the full revolutionary Master Lover Method program.
For a one-time payment of just $997.
To get started now and be learning priceless techniques within the hour, click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page to complete your enrolment.
Join the Master Lover Method NOW!
I know that different guys have different commitments & budgets…
That’s why I included a total of 3 different paths to approach this program:
(or €797) GREAT LOVER
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
I want this option
Or choose one-time payment of €797
(or €997) MASTER LOVER
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
  • BONUS 1: Five Masterclasses w Sex Teachers
  • BONUS 2: Six Interviews w Open-Minded Women
  • BONUS 3: Sex Toys Masterclasses
  • BONUS 4: 10 Masculine Potency Classes w James
  • BONUS 5: Dr.Saida’s Boudoir
  • BONUS 6: Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
  • BONUS 7: Silk Tie Kit + Instructional Guide (for first 150 buyers only)
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 1:  Erotic Photoshoot Class w Alex Lèon
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 2:  Behind The Scenes Of The Sex God Masterclass
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 3:  From Date To Sex - Escalation Guide
I want this option
Or choose one-time payment of €997
Only 5 spots Left!
  • 2 x 90 min private coaching calls with James Marshall
  • 10x Questions to ask James anytime and receive 5-10 min audio coaching answers and feedback
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
  • BONUS 1: Five Masterclasses w Sex Teachers
  • BONUS 2: Six Interviews w Open-Minded Women
  • BONUS 3: Sex Toys Masterclasses
  • BONUS 4: 10 Masculine Potency Classes w James
  • BONUS 5: Dr.Saida’s Boudoir
  • BONUS 6: Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
  • BONUS 7: Silk Tie Kit + Instructional Guide (for first 150 buyers only)
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 1: Erotic Photoshoot Class w Alex Lèon
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 2:  Behind The Scenes Of The Sex God Masterclass
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 3:  From Date To Sex - Escalation Guide
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Still Have Questions?

Get on a call with our student success managers and have all your questions answered before joining.
FREE MLM Introduction Call
This call is to answer all your most burning questions & doubts and learn more about the unique sex mastery system taught in the Master Lover Method.
Please, pick an available time on the calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to talk to you soon!

Your investment in this program comes also with a 30-day, no b.s money-back guarantee

After seeing the results with years of live clients and now the test groups for the online course, I’m absolutely certain that this is the most complete, all-inclusive, practical system ever created on sexual mastery…
A method so damn effective that ignites not only your bedroom results but also helps you to get women addicted and devoted to you…
I still understand some guys might be equal parts curious and hesitant about joining. So, I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee for you to be able to immerse yourself in the first weeks of the course and see how powerful this method truly is!
Join the program, watch the hundreds of demonstrations and specialized classes, try out the techniques, interact with the tribe on the Telegram group, get my own sex mentors to coach on LIVE webinars, and even access all the bonuses–for a full 30 days.
Then, if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of this revolutionary course…no hard feelings.
Just send us an email at our support desk, telling us why you’re unsatisfied and we’ll refund you the entire fee.

Few men choose to walk the path of the Master Lover, but those who commit to this system will be FOREVER TRANSFORMED…

By the end of the program, you can be confident that you will:

  • Become a master of the nuances of the female body & mind, so you can smoothly adapt your skillset to each new lover.
  • Make any woman experience multiple intense orgasms with advanced fingering, stroke control, toys, and psychological methods to allow her to express her full, untamed naughtiness.
  • Literally turn her dreams into reality, by taking her on erotic journeys through her fantasy, desires and taboos.
  • Confidently apply BDSM & Dominance to unleash her submissive wild side.
  • Understand functional Tantric sex techniques you can use with everyday lovers to heighten intimacy, sensation and pleasure.
  • Expertly use advanced sexual techniques with your partners including anal sex, squirting orgasms, dirty talk, spanking, bondage & controlled rough sex.
  • Effortlessly transition from date to the bedroom, and make her beg for it.
  • Hack your biology and mentality for near-limitless performance.
  • Become a top 1% Lover who enjoys rare abundance and devotion from high-quality women.
Once you become a Master Lover, you’ll enjoy peak levels of choice, loyalty, and pre-selection in your dating life that most men can only dream of.
The journey to get there is pretty wild too ;) And I’d be honored to be your guide in helping you become the rare prize she’ll never want to get rid of.
Click here to create your dream sex life TODAY!


This opportunity is NOT going to be available forever, and ultimately the choice is yours

Right now you have the chance to join the Master Lover Method and start…
  • Turning every sexual fantasy you have into reality, no matter how wild and crazy.
  • Always feeling in control and confident that you’ll rock her world in bed, staying hard as granite, lasting as long as you want and making women effortlessly fall for you.
  • And by extension your self-esteem and powerful presence will ignite, transforming every aspect of your lifestyle, giving you the power to fulfill your masculine potential.
The choice is completely in your hands, but be aware…
This program will NOT be available forever.
If you made it until here, you’re now aware of the incredible possibilities lying ahead…
In fact, no matter your current skill level, the Master Lover Method propels you to the top.
There is a time for pondering, and one for action. If you’re determined to live to the fullest and turn your wildest sexual and seductive dreams into reality, you gotta act NOW.
Click on the link below to get started.
(or €797) GREAT LOVER
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
I want this option
Or choose one-time payment of €797
(or €997) MASTER LOVER
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
  • BONUS 1: Five Masterclasses w Sex Teachers
  • BONUS 2: Six Interviews w Open-Minded Women
  • BONUS 3: Sex Toys Masterclasses
  • BONUS 4: 10 Masculine Potency Classes w James
  • BONUS 5: Dr.Saida’s Boudoir
  • BONUS 6: Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
  • BONUS 7: Silk Tie Kit + Instructional Guide (for first 150 buyers only)
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 1:  Erotic Photoshoot Class w Alex Lèon
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 2:  Behind The Scenes Of The Sex God Masterclass
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 3:  From Date To Sex - Escalation Guide
I want this option
Or choose one-time payment of €997
Only 5 spots Left!
  • 2 x 90 min private coaching calls with James Marshall
  • 10x Questions to ask James anytime and receive 5-10 min audio coaching answers and feedback
  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 - The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 - The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 - The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 - The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Private Master Lover Method Telegram Group
  • BONUS 1: Five Masterclasses w Sex Teachers
  • BONUS 2: Six Interviews w Open-Minded Women
  • BONUS 3: Sex Toys Masterclasses
  • BONUS 4: 10 Masculine Potency Classes w James
  • BONUS 5: Dr.Saida’s Boudoir
  • BONUS 6: Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
  • BONUS 7: Silk Tie Kit + Instructional Guide (for first 150 buyers only)
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 1: Erotic Photoshoot Class w Alex Lèon
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 2:  Behind The Scenes Of The Sex God Masterclass
  • ACTION TAKER BONUS 3:  From Date To Sex - Escalation Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions